Potato explanation……

An snip from an article in the telegraph to explain shortage of good potatoes, and as to why the costs are high for the season…..

The imports, after the wettest June in history, combined with a huge driven spike in demand caused by increased visitors to London this summer due to the Olympics, means that consumers are likely to see a steep increase in the price of chips.

Maria Ball at the British Potato Council said the UK produces six million tonnes of potatoes every year and is usually 80 per cent self sufficient.

But this year fields have been water logged in some of the most fertile areas, like the Severn valley, making it impossible to harvest potatoes.

“It has certainly been a challenge this year. If there are challenges with yield merchants tend to get bigger potatoes from overseas.”

Hayley Campbell-Gibbons, chief horticulture adviser at the National Farmers Union, also said farmers have had a tough year because of the cold and wet, meaning potatoes may be more marked and smaller.

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