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Why so exspensive ??????

One of the most common questions we are being faced with at the moment is price of items such as Cauliflowers, Calibrese, Potatoes and when will we have sprouting broccoli???? The answer is weather………. England took a major hit of snow and sub zero temperatures as we are all aware, which in turn ended the sprouting broccoli crop, until warmer weather returns. It ruined Cauliflower crop having to be plowed into the ground, and weather only just now stabilising to be resown for a fresh crop, We have been getting cauliflowers from France, calibrese from Spain etc but they are only supplying us their surplus and so eventually demand is greater than supply, hence the rise in price. Potatoes is a disaster and will take easily two seasons to recover (weather depending). Farmers still have potatoes in the ground that are unable to get up, with the downpours before christmas, then snow and ice, the land is still saturated making growing and harvesting conditions impossible. With all the water we have had the crop is then damaged, or rotten and so supply is short and of very poor quality. As i mentioned before England has been importing potatoes in from abroad to keep up with all the demand that we as a country have, which is leading to farmers and other countrys dictating what their crop is worth. We as a company always work on a daily market, and our prices fluctuate being that we buy daily, as soon as these particular items steady you will see the price come down, but for the mean time while we struggle to find the best quality for the best price we ask for your cooperation.

Many thanks

Darren Pegrum