Archive | January 2014

Apologies ………….

Firstly we hope everyone had a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

We apologise that we have not updated this part of our website in a little while, christmas time has been manic with the welcome sight of new customers using our wholesale warehouse, as well as general public, e mailing or calling an order for collection. These have been a welcome addition to our customer base, and we thankyou for spreading our facebook page by word of mouth, again it has been greatly appreciated.

A new year, with new products available. Sevilles oranges are in for a short period, for everyone that likes to make their own marmalade. All of our special offers are still available with bagged apples, pears, easy peal clementines, tubs of plums and grapes all available at just £1 (grapes £1.50) Ideal for kids lunch boxes now that they are back at school.


Please add us on facebook – ccwells ofnorfolk, and like our additional page where we will update with offers as soon as the happen.