Apologies and reflections on 2014

Firstly a very happy new year to all of our customers, and apologies that we have not updated sooner. We had a fantastic Christmas as a business, and found a great support from the communities we trade in supporting the markets for their fresh produce. The compliments on how fresh and how well their produce had kept is always a joy to hear. This year we had a record amount of people buying our amazing fruit baskets, with a lot of happy customers shocked at the value for money. These are available all year round and differ with produce dependant on what is available at the time of year.

This year saw us change uniform, an updated computer system and a complete change of our fleet. One that we are extremely proud of, and have many wonderful compliments on what we have done, so thank you for that.

We have new tasks ahead for 2015, but will most certainly aim to continue supplying our bargain buys, which have been so popular no matter where we trade. Our £1 Pre pack bargains are well known, and a vast majority of them are packed by us.

We look forward to your continued support, and cant wait to see more new faces becoming regular shoppers with us.

All that leaves us to say is that we hope everyone has a successful and fun packed 2015!!!

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