Prepacked Bargains!!!!!

We have now started to sell Pre packed Kale, Red kale and Black cabbage and has proved very popular both on our stalls and in our warehouse.

We have seen a greater demand for our Pre packed washed potatoes at £1.50 a bag, and its not surprising, they cook fantastic for all purposes. Pre packed sweet-bite peppers and small mixed colour peppers also available at only £1 a bag, with our cherry tomatoes and cherry plum tomatoes also available at only £1 per large punnet.

Continue to make sure the kids are getting their 5 a day at a bargain price with Apples (10 pack), Pears(9 pack), Clementines/ satsumas (10 pack), Red grapes(500g), White grapes(500g), all at only £1 a tub, While yes the stores may only be £1, your not getting as many in a pack as you do with us!!!

PP Red kaleP P Washed potsP P Caps and sweet bites

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