Stores Really not as cheap as you think!!!!!

C.C.Wells –

Upon doing my weekly shop at the weekend, I do have a look at supermarkets prices compared to our own. I was shocked. The amount of people picking up their punnet / bagged fruit and seeming happy to pay the prices they was. Tubs of grapes twice the price of ours, apples pears and clementine’s only have 6 in a bag, where all of ours is 9 minimum. Honeydew melons at £2, ours are only 85p!! A pack of 6 kiwi for £1, ours are £1 for a kilo tub full!!
Is just an eye opener that although the stores advertise they are reduced in price, does not make them cheap at all!!

So what do we have on offer this week………..
P P apples – braeburn – £1
P P apples – coxes – £1
P P Pears – conference – £1
P P Clementines – £1
P P Plums – £1
P P Kiwi – 1kg tub – £1
P P Red or white grapes – 500 g – £1
P P Peppers – 6-7 in bag, mixed colours £1
Tubbed cherry vine/ baby plum tomatoes £1 large tub
Packets of vine tomatoes – 2 packs for £1
Celery – 2 large heads for £1
Primo & savoy cabbages – 2 for £1
Packets of French beans (bobby beans) 2 packets for £1

Just a few of our amazing offers this week. You will find our stall in Dereham this Tuesday outside the cinema, Or if you cant make the market, and want to place an order for collection, then feel free to get in touch, where we will have it ready for a day and time to suit you. Or if you want to come in and have a look around our warehouse is open to the public, where no order is too big or small.

So for your fresh Fruit & Vegetables there really is no better place to go for the best quality at the cheapest of prices.

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