Fruit baskets

Don’t know what to get a loved one this Christmas??
Want something different that they will enjoy and use???
Why not treat them to one of our fantastic fruit baskets starting at only £15!!!!
Email or call us to place your order and collect on a date and time to suit you.


Fruit basket £15-20 xmasbasket 11.12.14 - 2

Bargains galore!!!!!

Kids are all back at school, and why not get their 5 a day at a bargain price.

We are offering bags of apples, pears and easy peel satsumas at only £1 a bag!!!!

Washed new potatoes (1.8kg) for only £1!!!!

Large cauliflowers at only 50p each!!!!!

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Cauliflower x6

Halloween upon us


Don’t forget to get your pumpkin ready for carving this Halloween.

At only £1.20 each we are a real bargain with them, How spooky can you make yours!!!!!!!

Autumn is here

How fast is this year going.

New season English Coxes are now in!!!!!!

Last chances to get your English Victoria Plums before they finish!!!

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New season english coxes

Theyre here!!!!!!

Fresh Turkish figs are now in. Get yours now, as the season in my opinion is far too short……..

We also have a little teaser of fresh Lychees now in stock, and don’t forget all our bargains tubs and packs at only £1!!!! Ideal for getting fruit into your kids lunchboxes ready for back to school



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You’ll see us coming…….

We wont be hard to spot on the roads anymore. We have just finished having all of our fleet updated and now as well as delivering a superb product we look the part too. All our staff now proudly wear our smart new uniform, and have new vehicles to deliver our fresh produce to your business. Keep a look out for us……

The fleet 2014

Whats new in?

Now is the time for all you English plum fans. Victoria plums are in and absolutely delicious. Be quick though the season is not very long.

English Strawberries are still going, but again it wont be long until their season is over. Fingers crossed for good weather to keep them going, especially seeing that we are only 2 tubs for £2, an absolute bargain.

While Autumn grows near we will start to see the end of the best varieties in Peach, Nectarine, Apricots, Cherries etc. but also welcome in new season English discovery apples, wont be long until we have Coxes and russets.

We have wonderful English Sweetcorn grown in Oxburgh now in, Absolutely superb quality, ideal for BBQ s for those holding onto summer for that little bit longer.

As always we have are bargain offers, with all these items at only £1 per tub: Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Apricots, Red grapes, White grapes, William Pears, Conference pears, Pink lady apples, Greengages, Flat peaches, Flat Nectarines, and all our berries. With them that cheap there really is no excuse to not get your 5 a day!!!

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Apologies ………….

Firstly we hope everyone had a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

We apologise that we have not updated this part of our website in a little while, christmas time has been manic with the welcome sight of new customers using our wholesale warehouse, as well as general public, e mailing or calling an order for collection. These have been a welcome addition to our customer base, and we thankyou for spreading our facebook page by word of mouth, again it has been greatly appreciated.

A new year, with new products available. Sevilles oranges are in for a short period, for everyone that likes to make their own marmalade. All of our special offers are still available with bagged apples, pears, easy peal clementines, tubs of plums and grapes all available at just £1 (grapes £1.50) Ideal for kids lunch boxes now that they are back at school.


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Its getting colder……..

with the temperatures now starting to drop this only means one thing. The close of all the summer soft fruits and start of English apples, Plums and root vegetables.

While cherries and apricots are now finished, it wont be long until Peaches and nectarines will also be over, seeing that we are now in the later varieties. English discovery apples have started and almost immediately finished as well, and extremely short season this year, while English worchesters are available, English new crop braeburn and coxes are sure to not be long, along with conference pears.

Parsnips and sprouts are now available!!!!!! Only a sign that christmas is fast upon us.


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